Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A REVIEW: Tulsa German-American Society German Fest 2018

For the weekend of May 11-13, 2018, the Tulsa German-American Society hosted an annual German Fest.    Thanks to the blog of German Girl in America, I read about this fest in early April.  Since I live in Northwest Arkansas, this fest was about a 2 hour drive from us - and so my husband and I decided to go for a short getaway.  

I was unaware Tulsa, Oklahoma even had an active German-American Society - but apparently, they nurture the German language and culture through language lessons, folk dancing, concerts, various fests, and children's activities.  Membership is taken seriously with rules & dues (but very reasonably priced).  If I lived closer, I'd definitely join!

The German-American Society is housed in a lovely stone church building-structure.  The fest was well organized and attended - seating was ample for probably 200 or more people.  

Live music was on-going throughout the fest days - with various bands and singers performing.  Crowd participation was often encouraged - with much schunkeln (swaying with linked arms) and clapping.  A May Queen was crowned at noon on Saturday.  

There was a small variety of German items to buy - food, candy, and trinkets. We indulged in some of my favorite childhood-memory chocolates:

and these "lucky" Glückskäfer chocolates - one for each child:

There were a few vendors present - beer, pretzels --- and my favorite:  roasted nuts (almonds & pecans) courtesy of The Nutty Bavarian:

Lastly - the FOOD - the food was DELICIOUS!  To quote a German student my mother once had:  Wunderschmecklich (wonderful-tasty).  

Everything tasted fresh; the portions were generous; and the prices were reasonable!  
I had a classic Wienerschnitzel (breaded pork tenderloin), and they even included the traditional lemon slices to squeeze over the meat!  The potato salad wasn't warm (like a traditional recipe might be), but it was flavorful.  Salad and a pickle spear were nice added touches. 

My husband chose the Jägerschnitzel plate, which was equally as good (although we've both eaten better hunter sauce with real mushrooms than what was served).  

Anyway, it was a fun experience.  Admission and parking were free (and parking was easily accessible).  The volunteers were friendly and helpful.  One could hear some authentic German accents throughout the building, and there were plenty of American supporters of the fest there as well.  

I hope to go back for the Christkindlmarkt if they host one this year - and maybe this time, we'll take the kids.  Sounds like something the whole family can enjoy.

In conclusion, I give the German-American Society of Tulsa (GAST) a 1-A (Eins-A).  In Germany, this is the highest rating one can earn!  

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