Monday, August 21, 2017

Projekt: Von A bis Z (P)

Blogging through the alphabet - AUF DEUTSCH
Letter of the day:  P

FOODS:  *Pfirsich (peach); *Pfannekuchen (pancake); *Pflaume (plum); Pute (turkey); Plätzchen (cookie)

ANIMALS:  der Pinguin (penguin); das *Pferd (horse)

COMMON NAMES:  Peter, Petra, Paul, Pauline, Phillip

CITIES:  Passau, Pegnitz, Pressath, Potsdam

Schloss (castle) Sanssouci - in Potsdam, a city bordering Berlin

WORDS YOU MIGHT RECOGNIZE:  der Pirat (pirate); die Polizei (police); der Poltergeist

VERBS:  plaudern (to chat); packen (to pack); *pflanzen (to plant); putzen (to clean)

GERMAN BRANDS/COMPANIES:  Porsche (vehicles), Puma (athletic wear)

VOCAB TIDBIT: ***********
The German sound "*PF" is used in a lot of words, as evidenced above - here are some more - Pfund (pound), Pfennig (penny), Pfeil (arrow), as well as IN words such as TroPFen (drop) and KoPF (head).

Although the German 'pf' sound is written as two letters, it should be articulated as one single sound. It is called an affricate, which means that is made up of an quick explosion at the start of the sound's articulation - the 'p' stage -, immediately followed by a slow fricative closure - the 'f' stage.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Projekt: Von A bis Z (O)

Moving along w/ blogging through the Alphabet AUF DEUTSCH - Heute/today "O":

FOODS:  die Orange (the orange), das Obst (the fruit), die Obsttorte (the fruit tort); Oblaten (a wafer specialty eaten alone or used with gingerbread)

ANIMALS:  das Orangutan (the orangatan) - pronounced "Or-ang-ooo-tan" auf Deutsch; das Osche (the ox)

COMMON NAMES:  Otto, Oliver, Olivia

CITIES:   Offenbach, Oberammergau, Osnabrück

Oberammergau is a lovely town in Southern Germany, home of a famous Passion Play, first performed in 1634.  It is now only performed every 10 years - the next performance is in 2020.

WORDS YOU MAY RECOGNIZE:  der Omnibus (omni-bus), der Ofen (the oven), Ostern (Easter)

VERBS:  opfern (to offer); operieren (to operate); öffnen (to open)

COMMON BRANDS/COMPANIES:  Oetker (food/baking), Opel (automobiles - owned by GM)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Projekt: Von A bis Z (N)

I haven't given up ... I am going to finish blogging through the alphabet AUF DEUTSCH!
Can you think of any words to add?

Today's letter is "N".   Follow the links to the other letters from the sidebar >>>.

FOODS:  Nuss (nut), Nudeln (noodles)

ANIMALS:  *Nagetier (rodent), **Nashorn (rhinoceros), ***Nilpferd (hippopotamus)

*Nagetier literally mean gnawing animal.  A perfect way to describe a rodent who chews its way through wood, cloth, wiring, and just about anything to find material for nesting.

**Nashorn literally means nose-horn, which makes perfect sense for describing a rhino.  (Nas' is short for Nase = nose)

***Nilpferd literally means Nile-horse since this species is known to graze along the banks of Egypt's Nile River.  Another word for hippo in German is "Flusspferd" which means river horse.

COMMON NAMES:  Norbert, Nikolas, Nicola,

CITIES:  Nürnberg (Englsih spelling:  Nuremberg), Neu-Isenburg, Neustadt, Nördlingen

Nürnberg's Imperial Castle

Words you may recognize:  der Name (the name), die Nase (the nose), das Nest (the nest)

verbs:  nehmen (to take), naschen (to snack)

German brands/companies:  NORMA (discount store)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Suprises at Dollar Tree!

Since living in America, I've gotten used to using lotions that come in plastic bottles with lids and pumps - brands like Suave and Aveeno and Vaseline or their generic forms.  But today while browsing our local Dollar tree for school supplies, I came across a little round tin that brought back a soothing childhood memory:  Nivea creme!  Nivea creme has broken into the American market - they advertise on TV and in magazines; there is even a men's line; and the brand is familiar now.   Nivea is branded by Beiersdorf AG of Hamburg, Germany, and for America, it is often made in Mexico and distributed through a Wilton, Connecticut supplier.   HOWEVER, what struck me today at Dollar Tree was the container - the little round tin, in this case a 30mL sized one.  

Nivea is great for kids and adults, for hands and your face.  I was always told to use the creme sparingly as it is very thick - hence it is a creme and not a lotion - and if you apply too much, your skin might feel greasy for a long time.  However, I applied the lotion tonight, and even now as I type, my skin doesn't feel greasy at all.  This creme is great for my rough elbows; it can be put on the feet with socks overnight to alleviate callouses.  It is gentle enough for the face, if you tend to have dry - not oily - skin.  The smell to me is my childhood ... not strong scent - just clean.  

Another creme that I remember from my childhood summers spent in Germany is Penaten creme:

This medicated creme also comes in a tin.  Penaten is owned by Johnson & Johnson and is named after a house of deity from ancient Rome.  Penaten is best known - at least to me - as a diaper creme.  It contains zinc oxide and lanolin.  It is a great barrier creme - it can also be useful to prevent chafing and to sooth sunburns.  I have seen it used for rashes, eczema, burns, and small, irritated areas.  It is a very thick creme, and we always just kind of dabbed it on the area to heal or help ... and did not rub it in completely; the skin just kind of absorbs it over time.  It isn't really meant for full coverage of skin, like a lotion.  According to my mom and Oma, Penaten creme was the solution for almost all skin irritations, injuries, and itchy spots!  

These are just some of the remedies of my childhood.  I was tickled to find the Nivea tin at Dollar Tree today --- the price is right, the size is convenient --- and I plan to go back and stock up!  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Projekt: Von A bis Z (M)

14 more letters to go!  Today's letter is M.  All things M - blogged without a lot of editing - just words and cities and companies.  Can you think of any more to add?

Foods:  Mais (corn), Milch (milk), Melone (melon), Mandel (almond)

Animals:  die Maus (the mouse); das Murmeltier (the ground hog); der *Maulwurf (the mole)

*Maulwurf -- VOCAB TIDBIT:
Maul is the word used for an animal's mouth (as opposed to Mund, which is a human's mouth).  The verb werfen means "to throw" ... wurf is a shortened form of its present participle.  So the Maulwurf kind of means "mouth-throw" ... in other words a mole uses his mouth (nose - along with its paws) to throw (dirt) and tunnel.  

Common Names:  Maria, Marianne, Maximillian, Michael, Meike, Marta, Margarethe, Marga, Margret, Marion, Margot, Martin

Cities:  Mainz, Meersburg, Magdeburg, Mannheim, Michelstadt

The "famous" city hall of Michelstadt in the Odenwald

Words you may recognize:  die Maschine (the machine), die Mayonnaise (the mayonaise), der Moment (the moment), das Museum (the museum)

verbs:  mieten (to rent), müssen (to have to; must), machen (to make), mahlen (to draw), **mamphen (to munch)

German brands/companies:  Mercedes (automobiles), Meissen (porcelain), Merck (pharmaceuticals), Miele (appliances), Montblanc (pens and luxury goods)

Tongue Twister with M: 
Mama mag morgens meistens Milch mit Marmelade **mampfen.

(Mommy likes in the morning mostly to munch on milk with marmalade)